Lisa Ridgers

Lisa Ridgers was born on the South Coast of England in September of 1968. She moved to America when she was 22 in the early 90’s. She spent the majority of her earlier time in the USA, in Arizona, where she learned to paint and fell in love with the life of being a creator. The last ten years have been very transitional; living between the UK, Spain, and her home in Ohio, USA. Lisa has been a full -ime professional artist since 2002.

Since her early days studying with two prominent contemporary artists (R.Clearwater and S Jacobs), she has continued on as a primarily self- taught artist, developing her own unique methods and processes for her paintings. She still finds that the rich colours and dramatic scenery of the desert influence her work ,and now finds a harmonious balance brought about by her new surroundings in the countryside. She works predominantly with acrylics accented with a range of mediums and techniques that in their contradiction create a complimentary, uniquely fresh look.

Lisa’s multi-media works have been described as a fusion of organic palette, natural elements and inner meditations. Her art can be found in both corporate and private collections around the world. The subject matter of her paintings range from her bold minimalist representations to vivid and earthy abstracted landscapes.

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