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Here at WerkShoppe, we are all about Art You Can Get Your Hands OnTM.

A few years ago, we realized there were so many artists out there doing amazing work with a desire to be seen and openly share their work. It made us wonder; what if we could bring these artists to a larger audience through our expertise in making products so they could continue to create art?

We see WerkShoppe as an Art & Design community first, where artistic collaborations with emerging and independent artists are turned into an array of beautiful products. We began this journey in 2020 when we discovered that we shared a love of making jigsaw puzzles with our moms when we were growing up. Our backgrounds in home fashion consumer products, from wall art to decorative accessories and giftware, provided us with the tools, and guts to start our new company. From our distinctive jigsaw puzzles (which are so near and dear to our hearts) to new introductions in sustainable products like microfiber towels and wearable accessories, we like to think we are creating a connection between our artists, their beautiful creations, you, and others with whom you might share the WerkShoppe experience.

Thanks to our loyal followers and customers, WerkShoppe gives back to nationwide art education programs which should make everyone feel good. Art brings us so much happiness and we want you to feel that way too. We love art, we love what we do, and we hope we can share that love with you.


Ann Marie & Wayne

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